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Recommended dog walking service


Reflection Canine is much more than a dog walker, they specialise in providing a walking service with a strong focus on education and training. What sets them apart is our unwavering commitment to enhancing the training experience you share with your pet.


They strive to consistently exceed industry standards. Behavior takes the forefront in every walk they undertake, and their services come with a satisfaction guarantee that your dog's behavior, obedience and happiness will noticeably improve under their care. 

visit reflection canine for more info and to book

At Willow Tree K9 we are passionate about great animal care and only recommend business' that are run in a way that we believe is correct and can without hesitation refer clients to.

We ultimately believe that this reflects on us, having seen Laurel first hand with her own dogs and clients dogs, we can recommend her business without a second thought.

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