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 Willow Tree K9's ethos centred in provoding its clients with only the best product, advice and customer service having LW Canine Behaviour & Training as part of our vision was an easy decision and a natural addition.


LW Canine only have the best interests of every dog at the forefront of their care but their results speak for themselves.


Their training can be based at our site, your home or other venues for your convenience and are dedicated to support you and your dog for those real life situations.

Here's some of the services on offer, please remember you can message them to discuss your dogs individual needs to develop a tailored plan with the experienced team.


Puppy Courses

Setting your puppy up for its lifelong success is key, ensuring they interact with people, animals and their environment safely and appropriately.  In these courses you will work through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, building on your skills each time.

Basic obedience, recall, lead walking, settling and socialisation all key aspects... why not get in touch to join the next group.

Next Classes Start

11th May

8th June

11th May

8th June

8th June

Adult Courses 

Training just doesn't stop when your puppies get to adult hood, building on those well laid foundations the adult classes can plug those learning gaps and solidify your training as your dog matures.  Any bumps in the road can be ironed out, worked around and supported with the dedicated team.

Recall failing? Loose Leash walking a dream, with some of the adult classes and courses these can be resolved all with time, effort and tailored advice.

Next Classes Start

11th May

8th June


8th June


Neutrality, Pack Walks 
and Walk & Train

Training your dog in real life situations can be hard to replicate,  LW Canine have got you.


Our neutrality classes are a great opportunity to work your dog around many others and is suitable for clients having has 1:1 training for behaviour modification and deemed suitable and ready for this group class..

Why not take the opportunity as a client to join us on one of our pack walks in real life situations in and around our local area.

Don't have the time, or need some help why not book the Walk + Train option where our dedicated team not only provide exercise but training too.

Next Classes Start


19th may
16th June
21st July

Book online


Loose Leash Masterclass

Does your dog walking look chaotic? Do you wish you could have more engagement? Pulling becoming a drain? 

Training provided by L.W Canine Behaviour & Training at our purposes built canine venue in the Bedfordshire countryside.

This class is two hour long sessions, one week after the other in a group setting.

Next Class Start

11th may + 18th May
25th may + 1st June

for behavioural modification, reactivity or any questions please visit the link below and reach out to the lw canine team 

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