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Our poolside is reopening 4th May 2024

What do we offer:

Our staff have been helping with public and daycare clients learn and perfect their swimming skills for a number of years now and we are passionate about helping them perfect this life skill safely:

Private Pool​ Hire

These sessions are for you to book our pool space privately for your dog, please note a member of the team will be there to supervise only, this isn't a swimming lesson.

If it is your dog(s) first experience swimming please consider having a swimming lesson which will enable us you to fully support your dog and build their confidence.

Hiring our AquaPaws pool fora private swimming session, you'll have full use of:

  • AquaPaws pool area

  • Pool toys

  • Dog life jackets


Your dog(s) will need to be fully supervised by you

(the owners).

Available in the following time slots:

  • 15 Min (1 dog) or please add 1 more dog -  £15

  • 30 Min (2 dogs) or please add 1 more dog £30

  • 60 Mins (Max 3 dogs) - £50

Swimming Lesson

These sessions are for your dog to have a swimming lesson with one of our team. Our team have a lot of experience teaching many dogs the basics of swimming technique, safety commands and ultimately building swimming confidence.

Your 30 minute session gives you time to arrive, us to take our time getting your dog into any equipment and accustomed to the pool area.

We use a fine balance of giving the dog time to feel confident and giving them confidence by showing them it isn't so scary after all.

The amount that your dog will achieve in each session is completely dependent on your dog, for those who aren't afraid of the water we can work on technique, buoyancy and safety commands.  Whereas those not confident of water we have a little more groundwork.

Some dogs may achieve lots first session whereas for some they need a little moe before they can take it solo on a private swim session.

In these lessons a member of our team will be in the pool with your dog if needed to support them.  They can help guide, advise and support in full your experience.

Hiring our AquaPaws pool for a lesson session, you'll have full use of:

  • AquaPaws pool area for 30 minutes

  • Pool toys

  • Dog life jackets

  • 121 Tuition with our team


Available only one dog at a time, if you require two lessons please book them - each lesson is 30 minutes (expect around 15 minutes in the pool, unless super confident).

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