Dogs is what we do best here at Willow Tree K9 and the key to a happy dog is a number of simple things, one of which is diet.  Diet can make such a huge difference to a dogs health, behaviour and ultimately their happiness.

A lot of commercial diets and treats are packed with fillers that only benefit to make you, the purchaser feel they've brought something substantial.  When in fact they're of no use to the dog but simply travel the digestive system.... throwing money down the toilet.... LITERALLY.

Fillers are generally grains of any kind, UNNECESSARY!

Artificial colours, flavourings and additives - again why? We worry so much about what we put in to our children's and our bodies - well we don't want to leave the dogs out too - the answer for whats best is natural.

We supply natural treats and raw food and good quality kibble, reputably sourced and sold from our daycare centre in Bedfordshire.  Why not browse online to collect from us or have them posted to you.

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