Meet the daycare team


Managing Director

The Willow Tree was a dream come true for Georgie and a long time coming.  Georgie started her love of animals when in college studying animal care and then her career farming and working with sheep dogs before having her children.

Georgie supported by her family and friends put in place a plan to begin the doggy daycare on very sentimental family land and here we are!

She is very proud of the business which is based on very firm ethics and animal welfare standards spearheaded by a love of dogs and a fantastic team.


    General Manager

    Hannah has been with us since before our doors opened to the public in November 2016, she is often the one you catch on the phone and email making sure everything is running smoothly.

    Hannah has two Dalmatians at home Coda & Tegan and regularly shows these, regularly qualifying for Crufts.

    A great knowledge of group behaviour, training and managing our group of dogs ensuring that everyone is happy during their stay with us.

    Hannah is very much the backbone of the daycare and such an asset to our team and dogs.

      Richard "Dad"

      Health, Safety & Maintenance Manager

      You wont often see Dad in photos or with the dogs, he's far too busy making sure we are running safely and maintaining our building.

      "can you please dad?" from all of our staff can be heard regulally, he only has one daughter but in beginning the daycare he now has numerous!

      We would be stuffed without him that's for sure and he does it all for love, certainly NOT money!

        Lindsay "Mum"

        Director + Early AM Receptionist

        Lindsay or "mum" as she is known in daycare is now often seen helping in the early mornings on reception.  She is another one to have now adopted more than one daughter.

        She is the one that keeps us tidy and can be often seen beavering around tidying after us while we are far too busy playing and tending to the dogs.

        This is another LOVE and not money situation, Georgie likes to keep her parents busy!

          Linzi + Loki

          Canine Care Supervisor

          Linzi has been with us since May 2017 and soon after took on the role of Canine Care Supervisor.  Linzi isn't ever far away from her "Jackapoo" called Loki who is totally the ringleader of our little dog crew!


          Linzi maintains the level of care expected within the daycare environment with support from her team ensuring everyone has a fun, safe and great day with us.


          Linzi enjoys training very much, teaching new trick and behaviours to all of our daycare dogs and often responsible for taking our very awesome daily photos.


            Canine Carer

            Jenna Joined us in February of 2018 and what a flying start she has had, her group work has gotten off to a flying start.  She has an amazing connection with our nervous newbies and really fills them with confidence making their integration into daycare so easy,

            Jenna first met us during her work experience and had her eyes set on joining us full time.

            Jenna is very much a team player and supports any way she can to ensure all of our visitors are happy, she often has a great game or enrichment idea up her sleeve to keep everyone occupied.


              Canine Carer

              Jade joined us in June 2018 and fit in to our existing team so quickly our dogs love her kindness, soft voice and the endless cuddles she has on offer.

              Jade is nippy when she needs to be but has a lovely calm demeanour which works well in the madness that can be daycare some days.... especially when we have beagles in to visit!


                Canine Carer

                Elizabeth is the newest member of our team having joined us in November 2018 having worked with dogs for a good while in a boarding kennel environment.

                Another terrier crazy member of staff that love small dog, big personality types.

                She is picking up well on the vast amount to learn in a social environment and enjoying the happy dog days at The Willow Tree.

                  Meet the 

                  DOG GROOMING SPA TEAM


                  Groom Spa Manager

                  Charlotte has been with the business since 2017 and what an asset she is, she is a fully qualified dog groomer but her welfare and ethics mindset make her so much more than we could express.

                  Her ability to rehabilitate dogs that previously disliked the grooming experience is amazing to watch.

                  She has a posse of our daycare dogs that hog her windowsill in the hope of fuss which is a credit to the relationship  she builds and the care she gives the dogs.

                  Her waiting list is a credit to the happy clients of the quality of her grooms and lovely nature.

                  We are blessed to have her.



                  Jessie will join the business at the end of July 2019 in our new, bigger and shiny grooming spa.

                  She is a fully qualified, experienced, dog groomer having worked in some busy grooming settings before.

                  She comes highly reccomended for her care and passion for all things dog and her grooming skills have been tried and tested in our environment - we were blown away by her skills.


                  Her books will open soon, please get in touch if you would like to be added to her client list.

                  Meet The

                  Dog Training Team

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                  Gerry Moss

                  Head Dog Trainer

                  Carly Lucas

                  Dog Trainer

                  Louise Sanders

                  Flyball Trainer


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