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Field Playgroup

How does this work?  We could be offering a standard walking service but our ethos has always been about control, limitation of risk and ensuring your dog meets only temperament tested social dogs which isnt possible if we walk them in public places BUT we have a solution!

** No need to worry about your dog having to be walked purely on the lead **

** No need to worry about your dog managing to run off **

** No concern about them meeting unsociable dogs **

Field Playgroups will be no larger than 6 dogs within our fully secure Willow field, dogs will be collected from your home by our trusted daycare team who will make sure that your furry friend has plenty of playtime. Whether we’re playing a game of fetch or they’re socializing with their friends, your pets will never be bored with the assortment of outdoor games and activities that we have up our sleeve.

Our field is fenced and gated with 6ft weldmesh metal fencing with an airlock entrance to allow us to drive in, shut the gates and then release the dogs to play.

All safety precautions are made when handling our daycare dogs our van has individual crates separating all dogs in transport with AC keeping them cool on hot days.  All staff are canine first aid trained in the event of an accident and we have a great relationship with our daycare vets if an emergency visit is deemed necessary.


Leave your pet care to us, and you’re guaranteed to find a happy pooch awaiting your return.


So How much will it cost? Field Playgroup is £13 including collection/drop off within a 10 mile radius of SG189RA

Our Field In Action!


What time?

Field Playgroup offered Monday to Friday

Between 11:30 and 13:30 dependent on schedule

What Our Customers Say

This is what our field play clients have to say about our service, it is a newish service BUT we are dedicated to offering as great a service to our playgroup clients as we do our daycare!

Love the fact you come and collect Angus rather than me having to come to you. I have peace of mind that he's not only getting good exercise but lots of interaction with dogs whilst I'm at work.

It was lovely to hear how much fun Monty had! I wish I could've seen his face and how excited he was when you arrived to pick him up!

Teddy has had a wonderful time today . He was so excited when he got picked up and has slept since you dropped him home. It is such a wonderful idea and we are all so grateful and can’t thank you all enough for taking such good care of Teddy x

Herbie must of loved his first field playgroup as he slept the rest of the day! Fantastic service and the photos and feedback on his morning with you is lovely.

Limited Spaces

All spaces offered are subject to registration, vaccination status, neuter status and temperament test

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