Time to let them run off some steam

Many people suffer with recall or reactivity issues and as a result can not be let off the lead for a number of reasons.  You can hire our secure field with no worry of them wandering into danger or to work on your recall while in a safe and secure place. Booking is via our Book Online tab but you need to be registered with us to use either of our fields.  Why not get the registration out of the way now by clicking the tab below.

Field Hire

field hire

Field Hire Prices

Irrelevant of your bringing one dog 4 we have a price conscious service for you.

Our field is hired in 60 minute increments, during this time you will have sole use of either our  Willow field (aptly named after the willow tree in this larger field) or the Oak field (which is smaller but just as useful.  Both are surrounded by weld mesh fencing and nestled in the Bedfordshire countryside.  


The Oak Tree Field is a little smaller but nonetheless a great space for off lead exercise. Fully enclosed space, due to the slight change in gradient within the field the fence line is below 6ft in places. 

This is not serviced by our staff, clients are required to monitor their dogs as well as pick up after them.  We regularly check the field after use and clients not cleaning up after themselves will not be permitted to use the service anymore, all clients are notified that as well as picking up after their dogs we do not permit digging to keep our environment safe for all underfoot and secure.

This service is used by aggressive , nervous and dogs in training we ask clients to keep their dog in the car until the previous clients’ dog has been secured in their car to allow no crossover and meeting. Both fields adjoin eachother but sessions start/finish times are staggered to avoid arrivals/departures meeting.

Dogs are expected to be lead walked into the fields to prevent them disturbing the other field users and going to the other gate of the other field, the fields are separated by a dark green curtain for privacy.

Registration is required to use this service along with us noting details of the dogs vaccination records, kennel cough vaccination is not required to use this service.

Please note:  This service is not always available as we use this space for our daycare dogs, you can see available spaces on the book online area.  You are required to prebook and pay for your session and they are non-refundable, we are unable to accommodate last minute amendments but with notice we may be able to change these for you.


All bookings are now for a full hour, the time given is to ensure that exiting is prompt so the next customers can begin their session on time.


How To Book

  • We have altered the booking system on Book online tab, this will now only show you available time slots to book. 

  • You will need to make a payment in order to complete your online booking, please note this is non-refundable.

  • Please remember to update your dogs’ vaccination records with us before you attend, they must be up to date with the standard Dhppi and lepto vaccines (kennel cough is not required for field hire). 

  • You’re welcome to send us an email to request a booking or make a phone call but please bear with us, the reception desk is not manned like it used to be while we phase our return from lockdown so voicemails and emails are periodically checked, some days there may be a delay in getting a response.


Arrival Procedure

  • Please park at the far end of the car park, closest to the fields. 

  • If you arrive a little ahead of your timeslot, please wait in your vehicle until the clients ahead of you have returned to their car & their dogs are safely away.

  • There are disinfectant sprays stationed on each gate, we ask that ALL clients spray the handle area before and after use. Likewise please do the same with any other equipment that has been touched during your visit (bin lids, chairs etc)

  • We ask that you walk your dogs on lead to your chosen field to avoid disturbing other dogs in the next field. We have purposely staggered the booking times for the fields so only one client will be in the gangway at any one time. 



Exit Procedure

  • Please ensure you exit your field in a timely manner

  • We request all dogs are walked on lead in the gangway (the area between the field and the car park) so they don’t disturb the field next door.

  • We are asking all clients to use the disinfectant spray attached to each gate to spray any surfaces that have been touched (gate handle, bin lids, chairs etc) before leaving




  • Please make sure you have poo bags with you and pick up after your dog/dogs

  • We discourage any digging in the field as this creates an uneven surface for the doggies that wish to zoom around

  • We request that the tires are not moved as they are strategically placed for a reason


The most important reminder is to enjoy :) and thankyou for visiting us.  We hope to add more equipment in the coming months.


Oak field (up to 4 Dogs)


Willow Field (up to 4 dogs)


Large Groups

60min Private Hire

60min Private Hire

Want longer than 60 mins or larger groups, no problem?



Please give us a call if you would like to hire our field or large groups on 01462658892